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The Kolo Acoustic Collection

Inspired by the word “Colloquy” – a dialogue, provides a level space that creates conversation and discussion. The range is designed to offer a protected environment to speak in private or to focus on work.

Acoustic Rating
Top Acoustic Rating

The average amount of noise that Kolo acoustic booths block out is 39.1dB.

Personalised Lighting

Adjustable LED light brightness and temperature with automatic motion detector.

Ventilated Space

Custom-designed airflow vents provide constant natural air circulation.

Built-in Charging Station

User-friendly charging ports placed at table level for easy access.

Solo Single Booth

Add-on & More

The Kolo Acoustic Collection offers different sizes and customisations to best compliment your work space. Our range of furniture and accessory options make sure you can find the Kolo you need and love.

Endless Possibilities

The Kolo Booth can be modified for work, conference, rest, meditation, screening and more

Fire Safety

The sprinkler system in a building can be connected into the Kolo Booth onsite

Seismic Safety

A seismic kit designed for the Kolo range is available for order where seismic safety is required

DDA/ADA Compliant

A DDA / ADA compliant Kolo Duo Booth is available as a model of our commitment to make Kolo accessible for everyone

Midi Studio Booth

A self-contained individual studio space designed for private work in an open-plan workspace.

Kolo Midi offers ample room to fit in a work desk and a chair. So, you can settle in comfortably and focus on work without outside distraction. Create your personal space at work with the Kolo Midi Studio Booth.

Midi Studio Booth

Over 2000 Ways to Customise

Duo Meeting Booth

A flexible meeting room innovated for the modern open workstyle.

Kolo Duo features a modular design that accommodates up to 4 people per unit. The space can be used as a meeting/conference room, a workstation, or a personal resting space.

Duo Meeting Booth

Koplus Design Vision

Koplus is dedicated to delivering only well-designed, thoroughly tested and globally certified products. We inherently put user experience at the centre of our design process. We believe users enable our products to constantly evolve and improve to meet the ever-changing workspace needs.

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